Friday, November 20, 2009

Launching a new "Professional Portfolio" site

Lora (my wife) and I are getting into full-fledged job-hunting mode for the 2010-2011 school year, for the first time marketing ourselves as a "teaching couple" on the international school scene. To help in the "sales effort", I recently created a no-frills "Professional Portfolio" website, posting not only the expected resume and references there, but also links to potentially more interesting things, such as Lora's class website (which she and I maintain) and a video of us co-teaching a guided reading lesson.

Like I said, the site is a no-frills endeavor, making use of the basic tools and hosting services afforded by Google Sites. I can't imagine anyone marketing themselves as an educator nowadays without at least a basic web presence such as this.

Update 2010-01-06: I went ahead a paid a dollar (actually $1.07) to in order to register our own domain,, for our Professional Portfolio site. So now, entry of into the navigation bar of your browser will take you to our site.

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