Friday, November 20, 2009

Gravity and Motion: a six-lesson science unit for Grade 2 students

The link below will take you to a fairly detailed set of lesson plans that I recently created as part of the field work for one of my FAST TRAIN courses at George Mason University.

EDIT 2016-02-24: Note that some of the web-pages for which links are provided in the lesson plans may no longer be active and available on the Internet. Any of these can likely be accessed in archived format via the Internet Archive's "Way Back Machine". Please go to the following page, and enter there any URL that you find to be inaccessible:

All together, the document spells out six lesson plans for an approximately two-week unit on "gravity and motion". This unit serves as a component of a larger PYP unit entitled “The Solar System” in which the central idea includes the concept of how gravity governs the movements of the components of the Solar System.

While the intended level is Grade 2, the lessons could certainly be used for older students, either as-is or with modifications to "beef up" the content.

I will be "field testing" some or all of these lesson plans in the spring of 2010, in coordination with the Grade 2 teachers at the International School of Tianjin. If anyone else has an opportunity to use one or more of these lesson plans in the classroom, I would appreciate feedback on how things went in the "comments" section of this blog posting. Thanks!

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