Monday, December 21, 2015

My best guess as to one major aspect of Supreme Leader Snoke's back story: He is Yoda's (twin?) brother, father, or son

I am guessing that Supreme Leader Snoke (whose image and voice we hear a few times in the new Star Wars flick) is quite likely a close relative of Yoda's, either his (twin?) brother, his father, or his son -- but even if not a relative, surely of the same species. Of course he is not a giant -- all we see of him in this first movie of the new trilogy is a huge holographic projection which gives no sense of his true scale.

The more I consider this possibility, the more I am convinced that this MUST be what the creators of the new trilogy have in mind (or if it isn't what they have in mind, it SHOULD have been what they had in mind).

Further along this line of thought: Is Maz Kanata also of the same species (perhaps also related to Yoda and his evil relative), and will she play an active counterweight to Snoke in one of the future episodes?

All shall surely be revealed...

Edit (24 hours after original post): Just created a theory posting (linked to this blog posting) on the "Star Wars speculation" subreddit. We'll see whether it generates any comment and further speculation...

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