Thursday, May 14, 2015

Two new open source Java projects launched on GitHub & Sourceforge

In the world of Software Engineering, I've heard it said that "code is the new resume". 

If that's so, then I've just burnished up two fresh software engineering "CVs" and posted them to GitHub and SourceForge.

IndexedCollection: A Java class library which extends the standard Java collections framework to provide the IndexedCollection class, which offers simple, automatic, in-memory NoSQL composite-indexing of a standard Collection of objects. In many situations it could be a nice alternative (or a simpler complement) to complex ORM implementations, making for higher efficiency and lower TCO in the development and maintenance of Java applications. 
Gist (simple usage example code): 
Side note -- I've been trying to benchmark my IndexedCollection against another package called CQEngine, but unfortunately that other package's documentation is so sparse, I can't even figure out how to use it for the simplest of queries. The sample code that is published for it won't run against the current release, and both the explanatory text on Google Code and its Javadocs documentation are also out-of-sync with the actual code! So, from a usability perspective, the project seems to have been abandoned, even though the package itself was updated as recently as early 2014. Oh well...

LibriVox Explorer: From a technical point of view, this Windows/Mac/Linux desktop application makes extensive use of the above-mentioned IndexedCollection Java class library, providing the best currently-available example of how IndexedCollections are intended to work. From the end-user viewpoint, LibriVox Explorer is a new way to experience the LibriVox collection of Public Domain audiobooks, and it takes full advantage of the "eye candy" potential of that collection's vast body of intriguing cover-art.
Download it now, and take it for a spin on your desktop: 

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